Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card – How To Get And Apply?

Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card

Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card – How To Get And Apply?

What is Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card? how to use it, what are its advantages and disadvantages and how to apply for Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card.

Do you know Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card?

Flipkart has teamed up with Axis Bank and MasterCard to create this Credit Card. This credit card will be provide to new credit card customers.

You can get Unlimited Cash Back using Flipkart.com, Myntra.com and 2gud.com, and many more benefits.

Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card 1st Benefits.

Welcome Benefits :

With the opening of Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card, you will first get Welcome Benefits up-tp RS.3300,

1. You make this credit card, Flipkart sent a voucher of Rs. 500 to your official Email. You can spend Rs. 500 voucher by doing any shopping from Flipkart.

2. If you 1st time shop from myntra.com you will get 15% cashback which will be around Rs.500.

3. You will get a discount of Rs. 500 from makemytrip.com Minimum booking is Rs 2,000.

4. You will receive a 6 month free subscription from gaana.com using this credit card.

5. If you take any service from Urban Cab you will get 20% discount where minimum 400 rupees.

6. You will get a discount of Rs. 500 from Goibibo. The minimum booking should be Rs 2,000.

Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card 2nd Benefits.

Transaction Cashback :

The benefit is that you get cashback on every transaction.

  1. If you shop at Flipkart.com, Myntra.com, and 2gud.com using this credit card, you will get 5% cashback on each transaction. There is no limit to this cashback you will get unlimited.

You will always get 5% cashback no matter how much you shop on these sites.

2. 4% cashback on Flipkart Preferred Merchant site. There is no limit for you. You will get unlimited cashback all the time.

3. And other sites always get 1.5% cash back no matter why you shop on any site or make any purchase. There is no limit. You will get unlimited cashback.

Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card 3rd Benefits.

Fuel Surcharge Waiver :

1% charge for fuel pump on normal credit cards and debit cards. Flipkart Axis Bank credit cards do not charge 1%.

Valid on the transaction between RS.400 and RS. 4000 only. Maximum benefits up to RS.500 per month.

Get 1% fuel surcharge waiver on fuel purchases at all fuel stations across India – Valid on transactions between Rs. 400 and Rs. 4000 only; maximum benefits up to Rs. 500 per month – GST charged on fuel surcharge is non-refundable

Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card 4rd Benefits.

EMI Transaction :

With Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card you will get special discounts on every EMI transaction.

EMI transaction you will get no cost EMI.

You will get up to 10% no cost EMI on Axis Bank offer.

No cost EMI you will get 3 months 6 months 9 months and 12 months.

Sometimes you can get No cost EMI for up to 18 months.

Required Documents and Trams & Condition :

Trams & Condition :

  1. Age Limit Minimum18 years old and Maximum 70Yers old.
  2. Residence of India or, Non-Resident Indian.

You can apply for your Credit Card if you follow these conditions.

Required Documents :

  1. Passport Size Color Photo.
  2. Identity proof.
  3. PAN Card (If you do not have a PAN card, you have to fill-up Form No. 60)
  4. Income Proof (Salary slip for jobs, and IT Return Copy For Business) (If you don’t have a job or business, you have to fill-up Form No. 16).

How to apply Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card?

By Clicking Here you can go to Axis Bank’s website and apply for a credit card.

After visiting the Axis Bank website, you will be able to view a form and fill out the form

flipkart axis bank credit card-apply-from

If you are new, click No and if you have an Axis Bank account, click Yes

1.Type Your Name in the 1st box.

2. Type Your phone number in the second box.

3. write what you do in the third box. (If you have a job, click on Salaried

For business Click self-employed,

others click do nothing petition.)

4.Write your monthly income in the 4th box.

5.Write the pin code of your area in the City in the 5th box.

6. You have to write a code and proceed.

7.Click Call Me Button.

After clicking the call me button you will see a message.

flipkart axis bank credit card-call-back

You will receive a call from your nearest Axis Bank office according to the zip code you gave.

The bank owner will call you and tell you which credit card you want to make. Say Flipkart wants to make Axis Bank credit card. He will tell you everything about the card. After listening to everything, if you want to get a credit card.

Axis Bank will send a person to your house in two to three days. He will verify all your documents, And give him xerox copies of all documents.

After collecting all the documents, he will go to the bank and submit them. It will take 21 more days to process. Will check your civil score after the process. If you have a good civil score, you have a 90 percent chance of becoming a credit card.

A poor civil score may result in the cancellation of your card. If your civil score is bad, fix it.

Credit Card Fee And Charges :

Fee And Charges :

  1. There is a joining fee of Rs.500 for making this card.
  2. And there is an annual fee of Rs.500 per year.

The first year does not take an annual fee. There will be no annual fee from the second year if you transact above Rs 2 lakh per year.

3. Cash Withdrawal Fee will deduct 2.5% of your charges if you withdraw money from an ATM with a credit card.

If you withdraw 100 rupees from ATM, RS. 500 will deduct the charge. No matter how much money you withdraw from the ATM, every time 500 rupees Debit from your account.

4. Late Payment Fees, If you pay late, you will need these charges.

flipkart axis bank credit card-fee

If not with your name you can make a credit card with your parents name.

If you have an Axis Bank account or credit card, you have a better chance of becoming a new card.

Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card apply Online Link

Fee & Charges

Rules for getting Axis Bank credit card fast.

After creating a new account, keep a minimum of one lakh rupees in the account. You will transact for six months above Rs 1 lakh. If you apply for a credit card it is more likely to happen. After getting your card, you will call Axis Bank for Tata AIG Life Insurance. There is no problem you can take insurance if you wish. Tata AIG Life Insurance is a great health insurance company in India. For this health insurance you have to pay Rs 4500 for the whole year. For coverage of Rs 4 lakh.

Life insurance will be in your name and in the name of your nominee.

These are the things you need for an Axis Bank card. Thank you for reading this post.