Apnakhata – Apnakhata Rajasthan (Revenue Board Ajmer Apnakhata)


Apnakhata :

Apnakhata.com is a local news portal which provides people oriented services to Ajmer district of Rajasthan state in India . This website was launched in year 2014 with a motto to provide people local news, information, education, employment and advertise to them.

ApnaKatas are financial instruments issued by the Rajasthan Government under Section 24 of the Land Revenue Act, 1862. An Apnakata is a paper which represents a perpetual and non-transferable debt in the form of a Total Turnover Certificate (TTC) under the Rajasthan Apnakhata Act, 1960.

The Ajmer district administration has implemented a unique system through which district collectors can be held accountable for their performance in public. This system is called apnakhata which is a Marathi word that means ‘accountability’.

Apnakhata is an online revenue board for the district of ajmer in rajasthan, India. Ajmer is a land of mysticism and the imagination is still driven by mythical lore, but this platform is focused on the truth of today and anything that can be recorded will be documented in depth.

Apnakhata.com has come up as an online news portal with a mission to provide people with close to real time updates about the city on various topics.

This is about creating a platform where every citizen of Ajmer can read news from Ajmer & Rajasthan Any time, Anywhere.